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Published: 14th March 2011
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One Gibraltar job that has seen an virtually unchanged demand for is accountants. Not only in the specialized world of the Rocks offshore finance centre, but there is actually a consistent level of demand for accountants from Gibraltar's online gaming community and the local firms situated in the city. So what would an accounting professional looking to make a move to Gibraltar need to know about how the profession works in the countries and what are some of the differences and similarities you can find whilst working in an accountancy job in Gibraltar?

Firstly the basics remain the same; an accountant is still involved in the measurement, disclosure of a set of accounts or delivery of written assurance about financial information that helps managers of Gibraltar based companies, investors in those Rock based entities, Gibraltar tax authorities and international partners deliver decisions about their respective businesses. Communication about these is still delivered in the form of financial statements that show in monetary terms the economic resources under management. As well as that in accounting jobs in Gibraltar you will find professionals involved in using the principles of accountancy across the three main divisions of the profession: named accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.

Notable differenced in where the accountants skill is employed come with the considerations Gibraltar has a low tax financial jurisdiction - where many company structures that need to be audited in Gibraltar actually relate to a corporate organization that physically resides outside of the Rock. The second area where those in accountancy jobs in Gibraltar can find themselves experiencing some difference is the small number of companies involved in internal audit or financial forensic analysis. Another difference is within the specialized offshore insurance community in Gibraltar have a fairly large requirement for skilled Accountants to work in Gibraltar accountant jobs as part of their Captive insurance or Protected Cell teams. For those accountants who wish to work in practice Gibraltar offers a broadly similar range of companies to work for as a fairly large sized European city. These practices can range from small boutique units with a specialized local client base right through to fully functioning divisions of the Big Four offering the full corporate audit service.

In terms of accounting standards the Gibraltar based accountant can use the Gibraltar Accounting Standards (GASs) issued by the Gibraltar Society of Accountants, although in practice these are only used where and when other internationally recognized accounting standards conflict with local regulation. This is usually when specific locally licensed companies like those authorized by the Financial Services Commission ("FSC") do not permit the adoption of alternative accounting standards. However generally as the GSA observe, that due to Gibraltar's status as an international offshore finance centre, there will be circumstances whereby internationally recognized accounting standards will be more appropriate.

Besides this on a day to day basis Gibraltar generally follows the accounting standards, professional qualifications and best practice guides adopted by the UK accountancy industry. There are many similarities and indeed an accountant familiar with the ones used in an accountancy job back in the UK will feel immediately at home in a Gibraltar accountant job. For example in Gibraltar a Chartered Certified Accountant must be a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA or FCCA). A Gibraltar based Chartered Management Accountant must be a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA or FCMA). The other memberships and accreditations apply in accountancy jobs in Gibraltar as well. As well as the above, technical qualifications that are offered by the Association of Accounting Technicians, ACCA and AIA(respectively called AAT Technician, CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) and IAT (International Accounting Technician) are all recognized and are processed by those working in Gibraltar accountant jobs.

Largely speaking accountants will find the profession operates as it does in all well regulated nations and those who have a UK background, or UK accounting experience will have a slight advantage. Broadly speaking Gibraltar offers the professional accountant excellent opportunities to continue there career offshore without having to sacrifice anything in terms of development or professionalism. Rest assured there are accountant jobs in Gibraltar and Gibraltar accounting jobs for you.

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